Frequently Asked Questions

What is a financial coach?
Answer: A financial coach is much more than a qualified financial advisor. They work with you on a consistent basis providing you with the technical and moral support you need to improve your personal financial performance.

Do you sell insurance or other financial products?
Answer: No, we earn all of our income from our fee-for-advice service and our various educational programmes. Our referrals to financial service providers are free and we do not collect spotters’ fees or commissions.

Do you give loans?
Answer: No, but based on our knowledge of the banking sector we can guide you along the process so that you understand exactly what you are getting into.

Do you do accounting?
Answer: No, we refer your accounting needs to a competent accountant but we give no guarantees for their work.

What about confidentiality?
Answer: We are bound to secrecy. All of our clients’ information is either password protected or securely stored under lock and key. At the beginning of any coaching or consulting engagement we sign in your presence an “Oath of Secrecy Document” and a copy is given to you.

Are your programmes certified?
Answer: At the end of each workshop, seminar or short course we provide you with a certificate of participation. None of our programmes are examinable.

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