My Money Emotions

17 Jun

You know that feeling of: “Paying for something that you really didn’t want to buy but needed to and then realized that you didn’t exactly get what you paid for” Sheesh!

I had this feeling at least three times this year: one was Clothes, another an Appliance and the other Car related.

In all these cases, I either paid too much or didn’t get what I paid for. The long and short of the story was, whether I had recourse or not (stress), I had to deal with my lower bank balance and live with the thing that reminded me of a bad buying experience. In one emoticon :-(

After stewing over the situation and losing sleep, I made 4 decisions:

1) Fix it if I can 2) What is spent is spent  3) Don’t let the same thing happen twice  4) Learn from the experience.

That’s it for now ~ we’ll catch up again! ~ Nick


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